Sheep Fence

How to erect the sheep fence

There are 6 wooden posts (liftable from ground sockets) – one at each corner and one at mid-point of the long sides of the strip. The mid point one on the pits side of the strip is where the high voltage generator is attached to the wires. The fence wire nor consists of separate lengths between the wooden posts. Each wire is terminated in a spring and insulated handle.


  • To drop the fence first switch off the toggle switch under the unit. It is NOT necessary to remove croc-clip from unit to fence or from unit to battery.
  • Unhook the blue gate handles from the sections which you wish to drop.
  • If required posts can be dropped as necessary.
  • Erection is simply a reversal of the above.
  • Remember to switch on the unit.
  • Do not adjust any connection at the blue gate handles, any slack can be removed by adjusting the position of the plastic posts.
  • Do not over tension sections, allow the springs in the handles to take up the slack.
  • The fence has been designed to not require any adjustment.
  • The top and bottom wires are bonded together at each wooden post, do not disconnect this bonding.
  • There will be, when finished, a numbering system for each wire section and wooden post, currently this is not needed as the fence will be in place until next year, the numbering is only needed for when the fence is put back up after being completely removed from the strip.
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